Level Up Your Skills

RubyCaribe (pronounced ka-REEB) is a conference for software developers who use Ruby.

Come visit beautiful, tropical Barbados in January. RubyCaribe will challenge you. At the end of the conference, you will feel an amazing sense of accomplishment. You will leave RubyCaribe with new skills, new ideas, and new contacts.

Get ready for awesome hands-on labs.
Price reduced thru Dec 31st.
Check out the 3-minute video below.

Hands-On Labs

RubyCaribe is a hands-on conference with deep-dive lab sessions. Each 30-minute presentation will be followed by a 2-hour lab that is directly tied to the presentation. Immediate immersion, powerful learning.

RubyCaribe will immerse you in code. Whether you are intermediate or advanced, you will be challenged by your RubyCaribe colleagues as well as the presenters.

Lab Advisors


Tue, 27 Jan Wed, 28 Jan Thr, 29 Jan Fri, 30 Jan Sat, 31 Jan
08:00 Breakfast

Web Apps with Ruby (not Rails)

David Padilla

Imagine that Rails does not exist. What kind of Ruby code would you write to make a web application work from scratch?

Building iOS Apps With RubyMotion

Laurent Sansonetti

The creator of RubyMotion will show you how to build an iOS app, and how to re-use business logic from the iOS app while building a version for Android.


Dave Astels

Functional programming enables developers to boost performance through strategies like concurrent execution. The creator of RubyLisp will show you how to add functional techniques to your Ruby projects.


Maurice Beckles

Natasha Corbin

Dr. Colin Depradine

We'll visit The University of the West Indies for presentations and demos delivered by UWI faculty, students, and RubyCaribe participants.

12:00 Lunch

Code Retreat Workshop

Come practice the craft of software development with Corey Haines and Sarah Gray. This workshop will include specific, hands-on coding exercises.

Machine Learning with Ruby

Randall Thomas

Machine Learning is almost magical when it works, but with the wrong approach it can fail fantastically. Learn to reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls here.

Using RubyMotion to Build Android Apps

Laurent Sansonetti

RubyMotion v3.0 now enables developers to build Android apps in Ruby. This session will build on lessons learned (and code written) during the iOS section.

OpenROV Live Ocean Testing

Scuba divers and snorkelers are welcome to swim along with the OpenROV units. Others can remain on board the boat, driving the OpenROV through the Node.js web interface.


UWI Day continues after lunch. We'll visit solar and agricultural labs engaged in research that benefits from software.


Welcome Reception & OpenROV Preview

Join us at Fort Charles, an important relic of Barbados history. The Fort is adjacent to the hotel. And get a sneak preview of the OpenROV in preparation for the hack nights.


OpenROV After Dinner

OpenROV is an underwater robot powered by Linux and Node.js. On two evenings after dinner, you will work with your RubyCaribe colleagues to build and hack on OpenROV units. Stretch your IoT muscles! Live ocean testing happens on Friday afternoon.

Reading Before RubyCaribe

If you want to do some reading before RubyCaribe, go for it! Great athletes stretch their muscles before training. Workouts (both mental and physical) are more productive when we prepare in advance. Come to RubyCaribe for a mental workout. Your Ruby super powers will increase and you will feel awesome!


Scholarships for Local Students

RubyCaribe will provide full conference scholarships for a limted number of students currently studying and working in Barbados. Scholarship applicants will be asked to build a sample project in Ruby. Scholarships details.

What About Fun?

Barbados is a tropical paradise, and RubyCaribe is serious work. What about fun? Software development is fun. But for the other kind of fun, the kind you can only find on a tropical island in the middle of January, we suggest that you arrive in Barbados a few days early or stay a few days after.

There's plenty to do in Barbados. Bring a friend or members of your family. Tour the bottom of the ocean by submarine. Schedule yourself for scuba diving, water skiing, or other ocean sports. Take an island tour and study Caribbean history. Kids can go swimming and snorkeling. Adults can sample the world's oldest rum.

Hotel & Venue

RubyCaribe will be held at the Hilton Barbados Resort. The hotel sits right on the beach. A dive shop with scuba gear, jet skis, and other water sports equipment is located on the hotel property.

The standard January rate at the Hilton Barbados Resort is $419 USD/Night. RubyCaribe attendees will receive a special room rate of $269 USD/Night for rooms booked by 28 December 2014 (or until the block of rooms runs out, which ever comes first). Book your room today.


Standard fee:  $1,599 USD 
December Special: $950 USD
(until December 31st 2014)

Registration includes breakfast, lunch, and access to all conference activities. Only 100 tickets will be sold.

Passport Information

US citizens: Travel to Barbados requires a passport. Citizens of other countries should check with their respective travel authorities.

Questions? Contact us.